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Serviced Office


At Spaze Coworking offices we provide complete solutions to assist a company to focus on its core business. When you take an office with us rest assured that you will not be hassled in your day-to-day operations. This in turn will enhance your productivity.


Co-Working Seats


Fully serviced co-working seats make it a great place to start work if you are a freelancer, businessperson, or a recent startup. We facilitate 24*7 availability that supports you to operate beyond the time.



Team Rooms


If you want to collaborate effectively as one cohesive self-enclosed unit then our Team Rooms would be an ideal option for you. Our approach to dedicated space aligns with the adherence of keeping up your privacy in the priority.


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Conference Rooms

(Seating Capacity 10 People)


Well-equipped conference rooms with video conferencing facilities, a whiteboard, and a TV screen are available for your business meetings.


Manager Cabin

(Seating Capacity 3/10 People)


Spaces i.e nicely managed for team managers that enable your efficiency to expedite your business decision for your organizational excellence.


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